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These pages contains photos that I have taken of Big Country at various conventions and concerts. The early pics were scanned at 16 million colours although some of the really old ones have been reduced to 256 colours before the advent of .JPGs. I have finally started to rescanning the early ones (May 2010). These are not professional photos, but were taken by me with a fixed-focus point-and-shoot 35mm camera during gigs, probably in-between jumping around and singing. What they do provide is a glimpse of what a BC concert is like for those who have regrettably been unable to experience this first-hand.

Photos available:
  1. Pinewood Studios, Iver, Bucks, filming for Channel 4's "Wired", 17th August 1988. ud-ani.gif, 1.7kB
  2. Peace In Our Time Tour, 1989 (various venues).
  3. Country Club Convention, Glen Pavillion, Dunfermline, 31st August 1991.
  4. Celebrity Cricket Match, Bank Holiday Monday, 4th May 1992.
  5. Leicester Arena (De Montford S.U.), 15th June 1994.
  6. Country Club Convention, Leicester Arena (De Montford S.U.), 21st May 1995.
  7. The Roadmender, Northampton, 18th March 1996.
  8. Dingwalls, London, 21st March 1996.
  9. Town Show, Northampton, 13th July 1996.
  10. The Great Big Noise, Cornwall Coliseum, St. Austell, 2nd August 1997.
  11. Forum 28, Barrow in Furness, 23rd May 1998.
  12. Borderline, London, 31st May 1998.
  13. Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 2nd July 1999.
  14. Rock City, Nottingham, 23rd April 2011.

All photos on these pages are for personal use only and are Oliver Hunter.
They may NOT be reproduced in any medium for commercial use without my prior permission.
That goes for you too, BBC. Shame on you... :-(

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