Forum 28, Barrow-in-Furness

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These pictures were taken on a new (2nd hand) camera and I wasn't that impressed with the results. I nearly didn't include them all but in the end I digitally enhanced a few and put them all up anyway.

Forum 28, 23rd May 1998

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55Kb JPG
54Kb JPG
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Pelt's bassist
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53Kb JPG
Jason Isaacs
52Kb JPG
Jason Isaacs's guitarist
47Kb JPG
Jason Isaacs's bassist & keyboardist
56Kb JPG
Jason Isaacs
47Kb JPG
Jason Isaacs
35Kb JPG
Jason Isaacs
35Kb JPG
Margaret, Claire & Pam
42Kb JPG
Shari & Joe
(from New York)
62Kb JPG
Martin & Markus
(from Germany)
64Kb JPG
53Kb JPG
47Kb JPG
Tony in mid-funk
49Kb JPG
Bruce (laid-back)
46Kb JPG
Bruce (mandolin)
58Kb JPG
Stuart using ebow
85Kb JPG
Stuart in mid-jump
92Kb JPG
Bruce & Stuart
55Kb JPG
Bruce smoking
66Kb JPG
Tony (nice!)
58Kb JPG
Bruce & Stuart messing around
41Kb JPG
Stuart with ebow again
36Kb JPG
Bruce & Stuart messing around some more
39Kb JPG
Stuart getting a calendar from Maltese Tony
57Kb JPG
Tony, Bruce & Stuart
78Kb JPG
Bruce, Stuart, Mark & Tony
61Kb JPG
Margaret & Bruce
(backstage afterwards)
53Kb JPG
Pelt (Yes, Ben really was on the phone)
60Kb JPG
Kevin, Stuart & Myself
55Kb JPG
Mark grinning

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