The "Peace In Our Time" Tour 1989

During this tour I saw BC 3 times. The first was when they played in my home town at a theatre that I would later work at in 1993 (if only it'd been earlier I could have got in free...). The next was at the Oxford Apollo and I could only get seats in the 'gods' so I couldn't get any decent photos. The last was at Guilford Civic Hall but we were not allowed to take cameras in. A huge bouncer was searching everybody and making them take cameras back to their cars. I can't imagine why, I know there are 'rules' at all these events but no-one ever minds and even the band don't care.... The support band "Cry Before Dawn", an Irish group, were very good too - click on their name to visit a site that I have created about them. Click on the thumbnails to see the full-size pictures.

The Hexagon, Reading, Berkshire, 4th May 1989

Bruce wandering around the stage.
Brucie, yeah!
A 'close-up' of Bruce with a 'wicked' guitar.
Bruce, Stuart & Tony
Bruce (rockin'), Stuart and Tony.
Stuart playing and singing.
Stuart (signed)
A photo of and signed by Stuart.
At the end - Mark throws his drumsticks.
Stuart signing my program after the gig.
Stuart & me
A signed photo of Me and Stuart
Tony (looking like he's being attacked).
Mark - smiling!!
Josh Philips-Gorse with an immense grin.
Brucie in the van - he'd just given me a sweet!

The Apollo, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 14th May 1989

Stuart Stuart outside the Apollo signing stuff and chatting after the show. One guy had even brought his electric guitar along to be signed! And I'd met this guy before at the "Wired!" recording - I was right behind him at the front so he must be (or have been) a member of Country Club to be at the recording, but I don't remember his name...

Guildford Civic Hall, Surrey, 2nd June 1989

Stuart Stuart in the van after the gig. You can also see Mark in the background. Tony Tony signing my programme - nice 'dreds'! Mark Mark (having just signed my programme)

All photos on this page are © Oliver Hunter.

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