Rock City, Nottingham

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Rock City, Nottingham, 23rd April 2011

The Venue before the gig
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Support band - Mike Marlin
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SDC10536t.jpg, 16kB SDC10539t.jpg, 15kB SDC10540t.jpg, 15kB
SDC10542t.jpg, 16kB SDC10543t.jpg, 12kB SDC10545t.jpg, 12kB SDC10546t.jpg, 13kB SDC10547t.jpg, 17kB SDC10549t.jpg, 15kB
Big Country
SDC10551t.jpg, 17kB SDC10552t.jpg, 17kB SDC10554t.jpg, 17kB SDC10557t.jpg, 16kB
SDC10558t.jpg, 13kB SDC10559t.jpg, 12kB
SDC10562t.jpg, 18kB SDC10563t.jpg, 17kB SDC10565t.jpg, 18kB SDC10569t.jpg, 17kB SDC10570t.jpg, 16kB SDC10578t.jpg, 14kB SDC10579t.jpg, 14kB SDC10580t.jpg, 16kB SDC10581t.jpg, 15kB SDC10584t.jpg, 14kB SDC10586t.jpg, 17kB SDC10588t.jpg, 14kB SDC10589t.jpg, 15kB
SDC10592t.jpg, 16kB SDC10594t.jpg, 17kB
SDC10595t.jpg, 14kB SDC10596t.jpg, 12kB SDC10598t.jpg, 15kB SDC10600t.jpg, 17kB
SDC10602t.jpg, 14kB SDC10603t.jpg, 14kB SDC10605t.jpg, 14kB
SDC10608t.jpg, 15kB SDC10609t.jpg, 15kB SDC10612t.jpg, 15kB SDC10614t.jpg, 14kB SDC10615t.jpg, 15kB SDC10616t.jpg, 15kB SDC10618t.jpg, 16kB SDC10619t.jpg, 15kB SDC10621t.jpg, 16kB
SDC10622t.jpg, 16kB SDC10623t.jpg, 15kB SDC10624t.jpg, 15kB
After the gig
SDC10625t.jpg, 14kB SDC10626t.jpg, 15kB SDC10627t.jpg, 13kB SDC10628t.jpg, 16kB SDC10629t.jpg, 14kB
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