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From Issue 8&9 of the Country Club Fanzine:

Q - What does Porrohman mean, or what is one?
A - A voodoo witch doctor

Q - What is a "wee chookter"?
A - [Bruce] A highlander.

Q - Have any members of Big Country met Bob Dylan?
A - Yes, they all have

Q - What is the religious background of Big Country?
A - Two Catholic, two Protestant

Q - Does Stuart have a nickname
A - Yes - Loretta (!!)

Q - Do any of the band members read music?
A - Yes - Tony and Bruce.

Q - Where is Angle Park?
A - It's a big house near where Stuart lives.

Q - Where is Wonderland?
A - [Stuart] It's wherever your imagination tells you.

From Issue 19 of the Country Club Fanzine:

Q - If you were an animal what would you be and why?
Stuart - A dog, for those groovy eyes. Bruce - A dolphin, so that I could swim with other dolphins. Tony - A tropical fish: you get to swim around in nice warm water in someone's nice front room. Pat - A dolphin - I like seafood and swimming.

Q - Are you afraid of anything? If so, what?
Stuart - Being locked up for something I didn't do. Bruce - Being found out. Tony - Fanaticism, especially the religious kind. Pat - Unstable people in positions of power.

Q - What is your idea of perfect hapiness?
Stuart - Time with people I love. Bruce - Haven't had that one yet, probably a rich unicycling nymphomaniac with a passion for the heavy metal life-style. Tony - Eternal rest. Pat - Living out the reality of my dreams.

From "A Certain Chemistry" (page 3)

Q - What does Big Country mean?

"I think group names are always about six months after the fact. Somebody will have a great explanation for why the group's called this or that. At the time I think it just implied a sense of vastness, open spaces. A sense of new discovery. A sense of ambition."
"The band means more to me than the name. The band is something I've been looking for all my musical career. I believe in the right combination and this is the right combination."
"Big Country? It doesna mean anything. You canna describe it which is quite good. It's not as if it's something like Eddie and the Hot Rods It's not a flash-type name. I suppose it could be taken any way."
"Big Country's my life at the moment. My drums are my life and they work for Big Country...I know it's a completely amazing band and this band should definately see it through to the final conclusion."

"A Certain Chemistry - The Official Portrait By John May"
was published by Ominbus Press but is now out of print. The ISBN number is: 0-7119-0634-3 and the order number is OP 43280.

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