My collection - Books & Sheet Music

Here you can find pictures of all the Big Country books and sheet music in my collection.
The sheet music has been signed by Mark Brzezicki but hasn't come out too well.

A Certain Chemistry Wonderland Fields Of Fire Look Away
A Certain Chemistry
Ominbus Press
ISBN No: 0-7119-0634-3
© 1985 Omnibus Press/ Grant Edwards Enterprises
Wonderland sheet music
Virgin Music Inc.
Order Ref: 4800WSMX
© 1984 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.
Look Away sheet music
10 Music Ltd
Order Ref: 80644
© 1986 10 Music Ltd.
Fields Of Fire sheet music
Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.
VP 80537
© 1983 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.
Peace In Our Time Alone Lyrics book
Peace In Our Time songbook
10 Music Ltd.
Order Ref: 80690
© 1988 10 Music Ltd.
Alone sheet music
EMI 10 Music Ltd
Order Ref: 18443
© 1992 EMI 10 Music Ltd.
Big Country Words - lyrics book
Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.
ISBN No: 0-86359-836-6
© 1992 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

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