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9th December 1999
- Added links to Perfect World.
- Updated mainpage for Festive Season.

30th October 1999
- Moved Skids pages to a new location: their own website "Into The Valley".

27th October 1999
- Added "See You"/"Perfect World" scans/details to discography sections.

24th October 1999
- Added new releases to discography.
- Repaired broken picture links in all discography sections.

11th July 1999
- Added Shepherd's Bush photos.

8th July 1999
- Added Shepherd's Bush gig reviews.
- Added Shepherd's Bush ticket to "From the archives" and repaired broken ticket links.
- Repaired broken links in all "From the archives" - clippings sections.

27th June 1999
- Updated USA MOF entries as requested.
- Amended links to "The Crossing" site (moved).

4th March 1999
- Repaired all 'broken links' in Photos section.

23rd February 1998
- Removed 'festive graphics' due to the end of the season (a while back).
- Culled the 'News just in...' section.
- Added link to Thomas Kercheval's Dissidents site.

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