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4th December 1997
- Made changes to the main page to get it to load faster.

26th November 1997
- Updated the "News just in..." page.

20th November 1997
- Added lyrics for The Great Unknown to the GWR page.

10th November 1997
- Added photos to The Great Big Noise review.

20th October 1997
- Added scan of the KBFH CD and liner notes to my collection/band information.

10th October 1997
- Added Tony's tour dates to the nexs & GWR pages.
- Added Tony Greco's review of the Great Big Noise to the GWR pages.

6th October 1997
- Re-vamped the main page with some 'cool' graphics :-)
- Added Robert Oliver's animated banner for Tony's CD.

29th September 1997
- Added Robert Oliver's animated banner for the "Brighton Rock" CD.

24th September 1997
- Updated my collection and the News pages with the "Brighton Rock" CD scan & info.

18th September 1997
- Added the AWARDS page (& 1st award).

12th September 1997
- Added a page about "The Rusty Nails".
- Added a link to the Mike's "Poll Results" (eventually).

21st August 1997
- Updated the GWR page with a scan of "The Great Unknown" CD and scans of a poster and a leaflet for "The Great Big Noise".

12th August 1997
- Updated the GWR page and added a review of the "Great Big Noise".
- Updated the Fan Tape page.

24th July 1997
- Added a page about the IABC dance mix with RealAudio samples.

18th July 1997
- Updated the Country Club merchandise page.
- Added a page of concert tickets to the archives.
- Added a scan of the 12" Dance Mix DJ Promo to my BC Collection.

15th July 1997
- Finished updating the '95 Convention page.
- Added a sound clip to the main page.

11th July 1997
- Added 3 photos to the '95 Convention page.
- Added a scan of a ticket for "The Great Big Noise" to the GWR page.

8th July 1997
- Changed guestbook to Geocities which should be more stable...
- Added a page with details about Tony's new record label & album...

13th June 1997
- Added "Tracks never played live" page to the band information section.

11th June 1997
- Added an interview to the archives section.

30th May 1997
- Changed layout and updated Skids Discography
- Added some info about Tony to "News just in..."

28th May 1997
- Updated Mailing List Information
- Added some extra Skids cover scans
- Added lyrics to Skids "Days In Europa" LP

22nd May 1997
- Added a new Bruce diary to "From the archives..."

21st May 1997
- Added a page about the Fan Tribute tape.

8th May 1997
- Added some info to the "News just in" pages.

7th May 1997
- Added 2 pictures and 1 lyric scan to the Archives pages.

30th April 1997
- Added another article to the Archives' first interviews/reviews page.

25th April 1997
- Revamped and added to the Archive's interviews/reviews pages.
- Updated the Tour Set Lists page in the Band Information section.

7th April 1997
- Added more items to the "Did you know...?" section.

3rd April 1997
- Added the "Did you know...?" section.

27th March 1997
- Added interviews, pictures and diaries to the archives section.

14th March 1997
- Improved layout of main pages with banners.
- Updated "News just in..." page with info from Issue 39 of the CC fanzine.

12th March 1997
- Joined "GeoRewards Program" and added guest banners to main pages.

11th March 1997
- Added 'Tour Set Lists' to the Band Information section.

6th March 1997
- 'Tidied-up' layout of main page.
- Added 2 new photos to the archives section.

27th February 1997
- Added remaining cover scans to my BC collection pages.
- Added merchandise section to the Country Club pages.

20th February 1997
- Finally added scans of LP covers.
- Added links to KBFH in "on-line companies" and "other BC pages" sections.

17th February 1997
- Added link to Cry Before Dawn page.

10th February 1997
- Finally added scans of 12" Single covers.

29th January 1997
- Added photos from Northampton Town show & revamped photos pages in general.

27th January 1997
- Added Bruce's American diary and some more live dates.

24th January 1997
- Added Bruce's Japanese diary.

22nd January 1997
- Updated live dates, band links, liner notes and CD(LPs).

16th January 1997
- Added more BC live dates and updated the equipment page.

6th January 1997
- Removed 'festive graphics' due to the end of the season.
- Tidied up and standardised my collection pages.
- Added more BC diary entries to the Archives pages.

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