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5th - Gathering Hall, Portree; supported by a local band
?? - Town & Country Club, Leeds
15 - Leicester Arena (De-Montford S.U.), Leicester; supported by Big Corporation I attended this gig
1st - Jazz Cafe, London (acoustic)
3rd - Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland (special guests of Meatloaf)
8th - Jazz Cafe, London (acoustic)
10th - Ludwigshafen Sudweststadion, Mannheim (special guests of Meatloaf)
11th - Wesaustadion, Duisburg (special guests of Meatloaf)
13th - Arena, Middlesborough
14th - Pyramid Centre, Portsmouth
17th - Grosmarkt, Hamburg (special guests of Meatloaf)
18th - Almstadion, Bielefeld (special guests of Meatloaf)
19th - In The City, Manchester
31st - (ITV 11pm)

Dates gleaned from Country Club Fanzines, the press, other fans and personal experience.
Gigs I attended are marked with a tick - I attended this gig
If you know of any dates that I've missed or got wrong please let me know!

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