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?? - Shrine Theatre, Los Angeles, California, USA
2nd - Irvine Auditorium, Univ. of PA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
3rd - Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
4th - Girl's College, Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
5th - Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA
7th - Indiannapolis, Indiana, USA
8th - Champaign, Illinois, USA
9th - Madison, USA
10th - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
12th - Nashville, Tennessee, USA
13th - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
14th - Daytona, Florida, USA
15th - St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
17th - Miami, Florida, USA
20th - Riverboat on the Mississippi, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
22nd - Austin, Texas, USA (Recorded for NBC radio - The Source)
?? - Dallas, Texas, USA
?? - Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
?? - Hollywood, California, USA
2nd - Davis, California, USA; supported by Wire Train
3rd - Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California, USA; supported by Wire Train
?? - San Luis Obispo, California, USA; supported by Wire Train
?? - Santa Barbara, California, USA
?? - San Diego, California, USA
4th - Kousainenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan
?? - Tokyo(?), Japan
?? - Tokyo(?), Japan
?? - Tokyo(?), Japan
11th - Geleen Sports Park, Holland (Pink Pop Festival with Marillion & Dio)
11th - Wembley Arena, London (Guests of Elton John)
?? - University, Lancaster; supported by White China (Warm-up for Steeltown tour)
17th - Maxwell Hall, International Centre, Bournemouth; supported by White China
24th - Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland; supported by Zerra One
10th - NEC, Birmingham; supported by The Cult
11th - Conference Centre, Brighton
13th - Wembley Area, London; supported by The Cult
14th - Wembley Area, London; supported by The Anti-Nowhere League
16th - City Hall, Cork, Ireland
17th - Leisure Land, Galway, Ireland
18th - RDS, Dublin, Ireland
19th - Kings Hall, Belfast
21st - Apollo, Glasgow
22nd - Capitol, Aberdeen
23rd - Caird Hall, Dundee
24th - Playhouse, Edinburgh (Broadcast 'live' on BBC2)
31st - Playhouse, Edinburgh

Dates gleaned from Country Club Fanzines, the press, other fans and personal experience.
If you know of any dates that I've missed or got wrong please let me know!

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