Other band members

There have of course been other 'temporary' members of Big Country over the years:

Photo of Josh
Josh Phillips-Gorse
Photo of Pat
Pat Ahern
Drums, percussion
Photo of Chris
Chris Bell
Drums, percussion
Photo of Colin
Colin Berwick

And, several other additional musicians and backing vocalists live and on albums:

Christine Beveridge (backing vocals), June Miles-Kingston (backing vocals),
Davie Duncan (bodhran), Kate Bush (vocals),
Maxi Anderson (backing vocals), Merry Clayton (backing vocals),
Donna Davidson (backing vocals), Ina Wolf (backing vocals),
Peter Wolf (keyboards), Richie Close (keyboards & programming),
Carole Kenyan (backing vocals), Katie Kissoon (backing vocals),
Simon Phillips (drums & percussion), James McNally (low whistle),
Carol Laula (vocals, backing vocals), Bobby Valentino (violin),
Hossam Ramzy (percussion), Mohammed Toufiq (percussion),
Aaron Emerson (keyboards), Kym Mazelle (vocals),
Steve Harley (vocals/backing vocals), Eddie Reader (backing vocals),
Kirsten Adamson (backing vocals), Sally Herbert (string arrangements),
Rafe McKenna (backing vocals)
Sally Herbert, Jules Singleton, Anne Stephenson,
Ginni Ball, Claire Orsler, Dinah Beamish (electrastrings)

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