The Big Country "World Map of Fans"

BC Map of Fans - Canada
Brett Taylor - Deep River, Ontario David Bradfield & Geoffrey Hancock - Toronto, Ontario Rhiannon Boyle & Erle Mundle - Vancouver, British Columbia Barry Buternowsky - Burnaby, British Columbia Maureen Neil - Maple Ridge, British Columbia Thomas Cormode - Timmins, Ontario Marc 'Ebow' Sarault - Gatineau, Quebec Mair Hall & Mike Martin - Halifax, Nova Scotia Terrence Bissessar - Mississauga, Ontario Derekica Snake - London, Ontario Larry Alward - Sackville, Nova Scotia

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Name Date of Birth Gender Location
Larry Alward August 1971 Male Sackville, Nova Scotia
Terrence Bissessar January 1969 Male Mississauga, Ontario
Rhiannon Michele Boyle March 1970 Female Vancouver, British Columbia
David Bradfield July 1970 Male Toronto, Ontario
Barry Buternowsky Male Burnaby, British Columbia
Thomas Cormode Male Timmins, Ontario
Mair Hall August 1971 Female Halifax, Nova Scotia
Geoffrey Hancock September 1966 Male Toronto, Ontario
Mike Martin August 1970 Male Halifax, Nova Scotia
Maureen Neil Female Maple Ridge, British Columbia
Brett Taylor Male Deep River, Ontario
Erle Mundle Male Vancouver, British Columbia
Marc 'Ebow' Sarault Male Gatineau, Quebec
Derekica Snake April 1966 Female London, Ontario

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