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"Big Country comprises four experienced and talented musicians who together have found an enchanting musical recipe which excites each individual member, spurring them on to greater collective achievement. In the few short months since the band's formation the magical ingredient which keeps them so much in tune with each other has gone from strength to strength. No-one can quite put their finger on the source of that magic - but hopefully you will agree that it does exist, and will wish it, and the band, a long and successful partnership."

Taken from Issue 1 (Harvest Festival Edition) of the Country Club Fanzine,
edited and designed by Jackie Whitburn who, of course, later became Mrs. Butler.

Original Big Country Line-up One of the earliest incarnations of Big Country consisted of five members. You can see a photo of them on the left taken from "A Certain Chemistry" (pages 6 & 7). They are photographed in a hothouse at the Glen, Dunfermline. In the order seen in the photo the line-up was: Alan Wishart (bass), Bruce, Stuart, Clive Parker (drums) and Peter Wishart (keyboards). Click on the photo to see the full-size version of the photo.

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