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We're the only 4 left

The saga of a Big Country

by Stuart Adamson

taken from the Country Club Fanzine (Issue 2)

Once upon a time, in a land far to the North, lived a young man who played music. He and his friends banded together to form a close knit group of strolling players known as the Skids. The fluctuating ranks of this gallant fellowship swept through many a foray in the treacherous valley of the shadow of stealth.

It came to pass, however, that a task was set upon the bold family and each of its sons was sent to fulfill his duty. The first born son embarked on a journey beset with peril, but always his spirit held true.

One cold, foggy night he took comfort in the warmth of a small travellers rest and his attention fell upon a weary fellow, an edgy ill looking man. Much given to gales of laughter they struck up an immediate rapport, and so it was in time to come they discovered a Big Country. This was to be the land of productivity and discovery and a place where all men could visit safely. During a fierce winter however, a great blight fell upon the soil and the people were much troubled by the wicked witch from the West, the demon Elsie Cooper, who filled herself with magic potions and cast an evil spell over a once fine land.

And so it was that the nation was much weakened and the populace more than halved. They were strengthened by the arrival of the nomads from the South, men who had done enough wandering to know their true goals, and saw them in a Big Country. This led to a great coming together of cultures which was a joy to behold, and once again the people were strong and happy.

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