From within the flightcase
with Les, the "enigmatic" drum roadie, on the February (1983) Dingwalls dates

"The gospel according to Stuart's next pair of shoes"

Sheffield: home of no work for the workers and the first gig of the Dingwalls tour. A good reception, two encores and a lot of sweat later it's back to a strange overnight stay with the "Swami nonoiseinmyemptyhotel" sect. At 3.15am and sixteen gargoyles in my garden later, Stuart displays his intellectual wit (which NME has confused with the way he walks): "how can you be quiet when you have been told to be?" Limp eggs disguised as being fried set the pace for a throw-up of a journey over Snake Pass. Everything goes on tour, they say, and most of it did - out the car windows on the slopes of the Pennines.

Liverpool Dingwalls, no Yosser Hughes, but there's no room in the dressing room after a gig which brings people on stage, China Crisis back for a drink and a missionary in a RAC uniform. Bedtime. The band to Manchester and the BBC for a four minute appearance on the Oxford road show. The equipment goes to Hull where everyone waits. Only 45 minutes late on stage with no sound check and there's no cop-outs and taking no prisoners. Thanks to the audience at Hull for being the way you were, the heart and soul and voice of a very grateful band.

Newcastle Dingwalls, a big stage in a big city with big problems. There's not a copy of Fields of Fire left in the shops. Angle Park opens the set and it's non-stop. Encores, Geordies swamp the stage. I didn't spot Kevin Keegan, but it doesn't matter. Big Country take Newcastle and wish to thank Shirley for her dedication and the pleasure of her company at dinner. It's the A1 and time for the flightcase to close...

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