My collection - Programs

Here you can find pictures of all the Big Country Tour Programmes in my collection. I wasn't at gigs on all these tours - I only 'discovered' BC in 1987... Some of the programmes would not fit completely on the scanner so I had to scan them in 2 sections and join them together. This is only really noticeable on the WTLF programme (which is also signed but hasn't come out too well). Still, I hope you enjoy them!

Programme cover 1 Programme cover 2 Programme cover 3
Crossing The Country Tour '83 Barrowlands Ballroom 31/12/83 Steeltown Colour Book
Programme cover 4 Programme cover 5 Programme cover 6
Town & Country Colour Book The Seer Tour '86 Peace In Our Time Tour '88
Programme cover 7 Programme cover 8
No Place Like Home '91 Why The Long Face Tour '95

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