Past news from 1998

Big Country

Big Country were in the studio recording material for the new album week beginning 29th June!
BARROW ROCKS! has been CANCELLED. Originally set for May 23rd and then 5th September apparently there was not enough money to promote the event sufficiently. No more information available at present. Refunds for Barrow Rocks! tickets from: Barrow AFC office (01229 820346), Barrow AFC Enterprises (01229 823061), Piccadily Box Office send them by post or person to get refund: Piccadily Box Office, 1st Floor, Virgin Megastore, 52-56 Market Street, Manchester M1 1PW. Tel 0161 832 1111

Tour Dates:
8th August - Tallin, Estonia Supporting the Rolling Stones.
10th July   - Olympia, Dublin
11th July   - Olympia, Dublin
16th August - Plymouth Festival
     Big Country, Leo Sayer, Cheryl Beer, Pelt, Sacred Turf, Blues Bands, Republica,
     Counterfeit Stones, Audioweb, 60ft Dolls, plus more over three days.
     Free admission. Promoter 01752 264913
20th August - Zagreb, Croatia  Supporting the Rolling Stones.
22nd August - Weston Super Mare Festival
     Big Country, Bad Manners, The Hoax, Dogwood, Snowdogs, Pelt, Sacred Turf,
     Lone Sharkx, Ska Bop, Watermelon Man and many more. No other details
23rd August - Pontefract Festival (West Yorkshire)
     BC are playing on the Sunday "4 Decades Of Pop" of the 3 day Yorkshire Festival.
     There are 3 headlining acts - Big Country, Dannii Minogue and Bonnie Tyler -
     Bonnie Tyler will be playing last. Other acts are OTT, Clock, T'Pau, Sam "Soul
     Man" Moore and The Real ABBA Gold.
     Tickets are £17-50 and the gates open at 12:00. Concert runs from 2:30 till 10:30.
     The location is Pontefract Park - there's licensed refreshments and catering on site
     and plenty of free parking. Telephone number : 01977 602900.
29th August - Porthcawl Festival
     Big Country, Bob Geldof, China Crisis, ELO part 11, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown,
     Dexys Midnight Runners, Geno Washington, plus many more, over three days.
     £20 for weekend or £12.50 per day. Phone 01269 596785 for further details.

  • Stuart & Marcus, played 31st May Borderline (London) & 1st June Cybar (Brighton).
  • Stuart Adamson

    Stuart and Marcus were meant to be providing the support for all the UK gigs but Marcus had trouble with immigration and was unable to work. Thankfully this was sorted out for the two gigs he played with Stuart: 31st May, Borderline London & 1st June Cybar Brighton . They will also be playing on 18th June at the Caffe Milano in Nashville (615-255-0073) with Keri Evans supporting. Tickets are $8.95 and the gig starts at 8.30pm.

    Stuart has formed a new band tentatively called "Blue Heeler" with Marcus Hummon (one of the co-writers on his solo album) and has presented Ian with six new tracks that he has demoed in Nashville and Ian will be seeking a record deal in the US for these. The band are apparently a kind of country Crosby/Stills/Nash type outfit. Stuart has another six songs in the pipeline and has apparently already been approached by a couple of labels. Other co-writers include Vince Melamed and Bruce Sudano. Stuart had said that he wanted to finish work on this project before working with Carol Laula but this is looking less unlikely with the reformation of Big Country...

    Bruce Watson

    The following is from the Freaks mailing list via Mikko Hänninen on the Big Country mailing list:
    "Fish-98 Oval, Norwich gig. It looks as if the boys from Nazareth will be coming to the Convention and joining us onstage for a couple of numbers. Bruce watson from Big Country will also be there as he's also joined the "Scotia Nostra" line up to record the World Cup song."

    'Wild Blue Yonder' have recorded and are still recording a few tracks which may be released at some point in the future. Other than that, the band have finished for now. Bruce says that what with decorating his house and Big Country preparing to get together again there's not point or time to have two bands on the go. Apparently the gigs that the band played went very well.

    The projects with Fish and the Alex Harvey tribute album have not come off. He and his family have recently moved house and Bruce has spent a lot of time renovating the new property. Bruce has found an outlet for the songs that he's written over the last few years: he's formed a band which includes his brother on drums and has played two acoustic gigs (27th February & 2nd March) at a pub called "Sinkys" in Dunfermline. They have a set list of about 13/14 songs of which half are original and the other half covers. There is a possibility that there may be a live recording made and sold by themselves via mail order. The music is apparently fairly "up-tempo" and one of the ideas for a name is "Wild Blue Yonder". There may be a chance of touring - watch this space.
    Tony Butler

    The single "One Day To The Next" was released on 11th May to coincide with ME Awareness Week (11th-17th 1988) and is available via GWR at UKP 6.50. Click here to read the press release from GWR.
    Mark Brzezicki

    Mark is still drumming with Arthur Brown and can be seen at the forthcoming festivals.
    New Releases

    Restless Natives and Rarities (Feb '97, Nov '97, Mar '98, Mar '98, 5th & 15th May '98, 2nd June '98) updated animated gif

    Restless Natives and Rarities Cover
    click for larger image
    This 2-CD set was released in the UK on 1st June 1998.

    Disc 1: All Fall Together, Over The Border, Made In Heaven, Not Waving But Drowning, On The Shore, Balcony, Dead On Arrival, Pass Me By, Promised Land, Return Of The Two Headed King, When A Drum Beats, World On Fire, Winter Sky, I'm Only Waiting, Flag Of Nations

    Disc 2: Kiss The Girl Goodbye, Song Of The South, Blue On A Green Planet, Normal, God's Great Mistake, Restless Natives, The Longest Day

    Read Stuart's liner notes.

    Kings of Emotion, (30th April '98)

    Kings of Emotion CD cover
    click for larger image
    This 2-CD set was released in the UK on 27th April 1998.

    Disc 1: Look Away (Live), Wonderland (Live), Alone (Live), Chance (Live), Fields of Fire (Live), Peace In Our Time (Live), Ships (Live), Rocking in a Free World (Live), King of Emotion, The Buffalo Skinners, Where The Rose Is Sown, Winter Sky, River of Hope, I'm Eighteen, Vicious, On The Road Again

    Disc 2: You Dreamer, Message of Love, I'm Not Ashamed, Sail Into Nothing, One in a Million, God's Great Mistake, Post Nuclear Talking Blues, Blue on a Green Planet, Send You, Take You To The Moon, Far From Me To You, I'm On Fire, Ruby Tuesday, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Thunder & Lightning, Come Back To Me

    Read a biography/review from the liner notes.

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