Past news from 1997

Big Country

Ian Grant on the band: "[a quiet '97 is] actually the best thing possible for the future of the band. They needed it and I know it will benefit them in many ways. They are all very excited and looking forward to getting together soon and I have already started getting offers for European festivals next year. However, the initial agenda will be to get a deal for the band to write the best album they can. I must say that we would make a conscious effort to break America again rather than try and force it here."

The band have NOT split - they are doing their own thing because now is a good opportunity to pursue these interests. Their disillusionment over the last couple of years with record company hassles etc. means that now is not the time to work on another BC album, they need to get rid of the nasty taste left in their mouths by Castle et al and, once the decks are cleared and the time is right, they WILL BE BACK with gusto and renewed enthusiasm as BIG COUNTRY. Tony says: "We are having a sabbatical and it's down BC tools for the time being, it has to be, until the time is right and, when we come back it will be with something to make people realise what they've missed over the years. Buffalo Skinners, I think, was one of the best albums we've made and WTLF was just as good but there was a total unawareness of their existence...Big Country are NOT finished".

Tony Butler

In 1997 Tony toured The Great Unknown:

Tony's new record label "Great West Records" was officially launched along with his new solo album "The Great Unknown" on 2nd August '97 at "The Great Big Noise" a showacse at the Cornwall Coliseum in St. Austell.

Mark Brzezicki

Mark is still playing with Arthur Brown - they performed a sensational show at the Whitby Dracfest and were also featured on VH1 in November (recorded on 30th October); there should also have been some gigs in December '97. He will be playing with them at Barrow Rocks (see above). There is now an EP (co-written by mark) available from:

P.O. Box 107, South Godstone, Redhill, Surrey, RH9 8YS
cost 5.00 including Post & Packing (within the UK)

Mark is (or has recently been) involved with a multitude of projects including: writing on keyboards (partly with Josh Phillips-Gorse); visiting France ghost-drumming for a French bands' album; demoing with The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown; a project with two female vocalists; a project with a young male vocalist; drumming for Tony's solo album; potentially to drum on Stuart's solo album; lots of session work with different bands; TV jingle writing; recording a voice-over for a video; recording with Bernie Marsden and Micky Moonie with the possibility of some gigs; demoing with Whitesnake.

Procul Harem: released this year, "Within Our House", a live album recorded at St Mary's All Saints Church, Dunsfold with a string quartet and a 30-piece choir. Mark says "it's a great album". For further information send an s.a.e. to Shine On. 75 Clarence Way, London, NW1 8DG. Released late last year was another PH album with the London Symphony Orchestra with Tom Jones guesting and (of course) with mark drumming.

Mark says: "This is a very unpredictable phase - there have been offers for BC to work live, but not all members have agreed on the timing".
New Releases

Brighton Rock, (24th Sep '97)
Castle recorded the BC gig at Brighton on 5th November 1995 and with the disintegration of Castle two guys teamed up to form a new label and bought the rights to this recording which was released on 22nd September.

Brighton Rock CD cover
click for larger image
  1. Gods Great Mistake
  2. You Dreamer
  3. Look Away
  4. Sail Into Nothing
  5. Thunder & Lightning
  6. I'm Not Ashamed
  7. Eiledon
  1. Post Nuclear Talking Blues
  2. Peace In Our Time
  3. Wonderland
  4. Alone
  5. Chance
  6. Fields Of Fire
This means that for one reson or another we missed out on the following songs that were played the following night: Ships, The Storm (Acoustic), Broken Heart (13 Valleys) (Acoustic), Inwards, We're Not In Kansas & Rockin' In The Free World.

Eclectic, (8th May '97)
This should be released in the US on 1st August.

Master Series CD, (14th March '97)
Master Series CD cover Thanks to Rainer Knauer for this info, and Robert Oliver for the scan (stolen!):

Mercury Records 'Master Series' German release

Cat no 534 230-2
Running time 77 mins.

  1. In a Big Country - Single Version 3.51
  2. Look Away 4.23
  3. Chance - Single Version 4.37
  4. Heart Of The World - Single Ver. 3.42
  5. Wonderland 3.53
  6. Starred And Crossed 4.22
  7. Soapy Soutar Strikes Back (Inst.) 4.11
  8. Heart And Soul 5.09
  9. Pass Me By 3.58
  1. Fields Of Fire (400 Miles) 3.29
  2. King Of Emotion 4.49
  3. All Of Us 4.08
  4. The Crossing 7.05
  5. Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys 3.19
  6. Dead On Arrival (Instrumental) 3.27
  7. The Tracks Of My Tears (Live) 3:32
  8. Angle Park 4.06
  9. Where The Rose Is Sown - Single Ver. 4.08

In A Big Country (Dance Mix) (20th February '97, 21st March '97, 24th July '97)
Please visit a page dedicated to this release to see information about it.

King Biscuit Flower Hour CD, (17th February '97, 24th March '97)
KBFH cover Thanks to Robert Oliver for the following info:

KBFH CD set for release in Canada on April 15th through EMI.

King Biscuit Flower Hour Records have confirmed the release of the 83/84 New Year's Eve CD for 25th March. The track listing is as follows:

  1. 1,000 Stars
  2. Angle Park
  3. Close Action
  4. lost Patrol
  5. Wonderland
  6. The Storm
  7. Dundonald & Dysart Pipe Band Sequence
  8. Porrohman
  1. Chance
  2. Inwards
  3. Fields of Fire
  4. Harvest Home
  5. Drown in My Tears (sic)
  6. In A Big Country
  7. Auld Lang Syne
  8. Interview With Stuart Adamson

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