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The Big Country Mailing List is a forum where Big Country fans can discuss all things BC via email or the Web, although the discussions can occasionally wander off at a tangent... There are usually around 200 subscribers although this can fluctuate a bit in the holidays etc.


The list was valiantly maintained by Markus Schöller from Bonn in Germany for about three years. In June '97 he moved on to a new job and was therefore unable to continue the running of the list. Fortunately for the list members Michael Toppa volunteered to take over and a new list server was set up in May '97. This sadly ceased to exist in October 2000 but around the same time a new web/email based list started run by Jason Shand and nearly all the list members joined this new list called "Through a Big Country". Membership of the new list continues to grow as more BC fans arrive online and find their way to the group.

How to join

You can get a good idea of who is on the list and where they are (the regulars anyway) on my BC World Map of Fans. You are more than welcome to join the list too, so either visit Eiledon (Michael Toppa's site) to see more history and/or visit the website for Through a Big Country and click on the 'join' button.

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