Photo of Mark Mark Michael Brzezicki
Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Born: 21st June 1957 in Slough, England
Lives in: Twickenham, London


Mark has all the classic characteristics of a born drummer. If he's not behind his drum kit, he's tapping the table top with his fingertips or slapping his knees with his palms. In fact that is how he discovered the pleasure of the tones you can achieve by drumming on different surfaces. At 16 he saved enough money to buy what he now calls a 'joke kit' - a bass drum, snare and tom tom. At the same time his two brothers bought a bass and guitar, and after rehearsals the trio [The Flying Brzezickis] started playing at the local working men's club. Mark had by then started an apprenticeship as an aircraft fitter at British Aerospace. He worked by day and played the drums at night, practising at every spare moment and using his hard-earned cash to pay for a better kit. The brothers eventually went their separate ways and Mark spent quite a long time in another band called Silver Stream, playing pop cover versions at dances and weddings. He first met Tony when he decided to join an Ealing-based band called On The Air, led by Simon Townsend (Yes, of brother Pete). Mark said: "I know I can work well with Tony. He is like my second half now." At the start of 1980 On The Air was signed up by WEA Records and released a single. Mark gave up his job to go professional, but by then he was a fully qualified fitter and had even done an extra year's management training. The first single went nowhere, but on release of the second, On The Air set off on tour, supporting the Skids - and met Stuart. Early in 1981 On The Air disbanded, but Mark and Tony decided to stick together to do session work [under the name "Rhythm for Hire"]. They had both already worked on Pete Townsend's solo album "Empty Glass", and felt they could bill themselves as a complete rhthym section. All went well for a while, but sessions can be tedious and unfulfilling, depending on who you are working with, and the duo needed something to get their teeth into. The offer to join Big Country came early this year [1982]. Mark said: "Tony was so enthusiastic about it I knew it had to be good. The songs sounded so good with an instantly recognisable sound all their own. I felt I could fit in right away. Everyone in the band is a capable musician, and we can respect each other." He has great hopes for their future. "I don't think there should be anyone who has not heard us. This is a way of life for me now - and I am proud to be a part of it all." He says he will be happy when he sees the Big Country name in lights above Hammersmith Odeon [now Apollo].


Drawing, especially cartoons.

Mark is currently single...

Favourite singles

"World Without Love" - Peter and Gordon, "My Way" - Sid Vicious, "She Loves You" - The Beatles, "How About That" - Adam Faith, "Reeling in the Years" - Steely Dan, "Message in a Bottle" - Police, "Autumn Leaves" - Bert Kaemfort, "Why" - Carly Simon, "Cut The Cake" - Average White Band, "Superstition" - Stevie Wonder, "Land of Make Believe" - Bucks Fizz
Taken from the Country Club Fanzine (Issue 1 & 2)

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