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Pic of me & Jamie These pages started life on 1st August 1996 (on Geocities), were created and are currently sporadically maintained by myself, Oliver Hunter (that's me with Jamie Watson after the Birmingham gig on 17th Feb 2012 on the left).

I have tried to make the site appear satisfactorily in any resolution, but for best results I would recommend a minimum of at least 1024x768. However you view the site I hope you find something that interests you!

I have been into Big Country in a big way since I was introduced to them by a friend in Venture Scouts (who actually looks a bit like Stuart) when I was 16. This was just too late to see them being filmed for "The Old Grey Whistle Test" at my local theatre (The Hexagon); in fact I had to wait until Aug '88 to see them in concert. Now, several years later I have seen them in concert many times and own nearly everything they've released (except some really rare promo stuff like "The Crossing" playing cards). It is great to be able to 'meet' other people on the internet mailing-list/Facebook pages who share my enthusiasm for this amazing band.

I was new to HTML when I started this site, so it's been great fun learning whilst producing these pages. I hope you enjoy them as much as me! For those less fanatical Big Country fans, or those of you who have just dropped by to see what goes on here, the name of these pages is taken from a lyric in the chorus of the Big Country song "Republican Party Reptile" which you can hear played on the entry page to the site. I thought it was an appropriate phrase as, like Big Country, "I hope you like it!"

To see more about me and my other interests, why not visit my website?

For anyone interested in such things, the PC I currently use is a Cyberpower custom overclocked tower with Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9650 3GHz (overclocked to 3.83GHz) with 4Gb RAM running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 and an Iiyama 24" LCD monitor (1920x1080).

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