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Fran Seal - 04/28/98 04:26:44
My Email:PRFS102@AOL.Com
Location: Long Island,NY

It is a thrill to see so many people interested in BC...We are a rare breed!!!!

John Spencer - 04/27/98 16:15:04
My Email:JSpe340551@aol.com
Location: Wakefield, West Yorks

Hello!! I can't believe it!! I've just recd the supposedly cancelled double cd called "Kings Of Emotion". It contains 32 tracks & was obtained from Key Mail Order in the UK. IF YOU WANT THE TRACK LISTING OF THIS CD & THE FULL ADDRESS OF KEY MAIL ORDER, E-MAIL ME. I have not seen this on any of the BC web sites!! Apart from it being "shelved"!!!!!!

Brian DIsagree - 04/26/98 03:18:52
My URL:http://members.xoom.com/a2d
My Email:a2d@hotmail.com
Location: Vancouver, Canada.

Hello, Big Country fans. I'd like to know more about this band, tell me all about them!

Cameron Schetter - 04/23/98 19:27:24
My Email:wschette@sybase.com
Location: Newport Beach, CA

Great Site!! Any word of more UK tour dates this summer, in addition to the ones in May?

Tanya Callaway - 04/11/98 02:24:34
My URL:http://www.Tanya.com
My Email:genesis@gulftel.com
Location: Hawaii


Martin Chan - 04/06/98 11:50:11
My Email:chanm@pfizer.com
Location: Sandwich, Kent, UK

Best BC sites I've seen! Keep the good work up

Tana-Shay Romero - 04/04/98 23:50:28
My Email:dahmer@elwha.evergreen.edu
Location: Globe, AZ

There's nobody greater than B.C.

Graham G. - 04/04/98 23:14:57
My Email:Gul ve Joe@aol.com
Location: The Orient

Big Fan. Looking forward to all BC fans who might also appreciate The O's. Going up,up,up. Gee Man.

Mario M. - 04/04/98 23:11:11
My Email:Gul ve Joe@aol.com
Location: Alaska

Maddog was here

Joe Migliore - 04/04/98 22:36:31
My Email:Bleeeb@aol.com
Location: Long Island, New York

This BC tattoo on my arm will never fade away!!!

Matthew Hyman - 04/03/98 08:03:01
My Email:hyman.matthew@traf.com
Location: Sheffield, UK

Great changes to the site! I try and pop-in once a day just to see it! BC are the best. Thanks and keep up this excellent site for BC fans. See you there !

panx the man - 04/01/98 19:54:14
My Email:panx@thefree.net
Location: home

hello oliver, I LOVE your web page!! Ya Right! how you been? You need music and ani. gifs

Bill & Cindy - 04/01/98 18:40:00
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Nashville/Opry/1294/
My Email:haginfo@geocities.com

What a great web site! You've really put a lot into it!

Ernst - 04/01/98 16:26:35
My URL:http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~true/ernsts.html
My Email:ernsts-records@collector.org
Location: Austria / U.S.A.

For sale: Very rare '88 Gold-CD-Video "In A Big Country" (audio tracks playable on any CD player) - cheap!

Wilfred Loh - 03/22/98 00:37:04
My URL:http://www.cyberway.com.sg/~bandit
My Email:bandit@cyberway.com.sg
Location: Singapore

Well done ... hope you'll always have the time to keep the site running !!!

Tony Murphy - 03/16/98 18:44:55
My Email:tonymurphy@compuserve.com
Location: west Sussex UK

My first visit in memory of my son Paul.A big.big, Big Country fan and musician who based all his music on BIG Country. His Favourite being Chance Which I love to hear whenever possible. Stuart gave us a dedication in a concert in BRIGHTON. Can Anyone tell me where/when I can hear the group live in the UK?? Paul died in 1986 in a RTA.

doug mentzer - 03/15/98 17:17:01
My Email:dmentzer@ili.net
Location: wyandotte, mi

great page for a great band

Jörg Neumann - 03/11/98 15:52:55
Location: Buxtehude/Germany

I just walked through the site. It's good to hear some news about Big Country. Here in Germany it seems, that they stopped making music. You here nothing about them in magazines or radio stations.

Alan Girvan - 03/04/98 14:21:51
My Email:Alan.Girvan@halliburton.com
Location: Glasgow, UK

Brilliant site for my favourite band. I have never been to a gig that makes you feel the way a BC gig does. A sense of belonging.

MARK GRIFFIN - 03/01/98 11:14:12
My Email:MGrif12776@aol.com

Brilliant site. As a reasonalbly new surfer I was very impressed

chris lafferty - 02/27/98 14:02:38
My URL:http://liverpool
My Email:none
Location: none

i,am in a band at the moment and i feel greatly influenced by the bands music and approach to mark brzezckies drumming.LONG LIVE BIG COUNTRY.

Joe Lonsdale - 02/24/98 20:39:59
My Email:Gul ve Joe@aol.com

Still crazy after all these years.

Rich Marcil - 02/18/98 01:45:34
My Email:joyandrich@juno.com
Location: Orlando, FL

Great site! I'm impatiently awaiting the next BC release. I've been a fan since '83. I play guitar in a band here in Orlando called Marble Feather and my sound has been heavily influenced by the energy and talent of the BC boys. Stay Alive!!

Don Hurshman - 02/15/98 14:37:02
My Email:Hurshman@glinx.com
Location: Windsor Nova Scotia Canada

Enjoyed your very infomative website. I have been a Big Country fan since 82. I will definetly be visiting this site regulary.Thanks again.

Julian Fantechi - 02/05/98 14:56:53
My Email:jjf215@is7.nyu.edu
Location: New York ,NY

I am looking to get some BC videos, especially their New year's eve concert from 1983. I am also looking for the Seer Live in New York and their greatest hits on video. Thanks.

paul bradley - 02/04/98 20:07:06
My Email:paul.bradley@nene.ac.uk
Location: northamton

Well i made it here in the end. All i can say is i now know why it takes such a long time to do something up stairs nice one.!!!!. So when are you going to do a 640x480,800x600 version with the frames(technical note). see you paul

Piotr - 01/21/98 18:56:30
My Email:fpress@friko3.onet.pl
Location: POLAND


Jim Martinez - 01/21/98 05:59:13
My URL:http://none
My Email:jimmtz@earthlink.net
Location: Yorba Linda,Cal,USA

Nice site!! Anything that has to do with BC is great!!

Tyler Grinbergs - 01/19/98 20:19:43
My Email:tyler.grinbergs@pg.airtouch.com
Location: Mill Valley, CA USA

I'm looking for some help on a Big Country video that MTV played years ago and I taped it and now I can't find it. It was a live concert on a New Years celebration. Bag Pipe players came out at midnight and played...I'm sure you've seen it. Do you know How I can get a copy?? Please e-mail me. I'm a huge Big Country fan and I need this video. thanks, tyler.

Thomas Stieber - 01/17/98 19:19:43
My Email:tstieber@rohan.sdsu.edu

Please update my email address in your index of fans! My new address is: tstieber@rohan.sdsu.edu Thanks! Tom Stieber

Neel Gandhi - 01/17/98 12:17:56
My Email:Neelyg@hotmail.com
Location: Bangalore - India !!

Just viewed the BC pages for the first time in 10 months as I've been travelling all this time - Doesn't look like I've missed out on too much - gigwise certainly - You're currently receiving this from Bangalore India - I'm sure it's a first 'cause no-one here has ever heard of the band but they love the music when I play it to them. I'm due back in London early April so I'm looking forward to some BC news. Keep up the good work Neel

Whitney Andrew - 01/13/98 13:26:58
My Email:whitkara@juno.com
Location: Madison, WI USA

I'm a huge Big Country fan. I don't have time to check your whole site out now, but I will be in the future and have better comments.

sam - 01/13/98 06:00:50
My Email:clashbrown @aol.com
Location: st.loius mo.

liked your site better then the rest of them keep up the great work your doing

Russ Marlowe - 01/05/98 23:36:11
My Email:marlowe_r@dot.state.ga.us
Location: Gainesville Georgia

Hello Oliver!..thanks for all your hard work on this site. It's very informative and has lots of great links. I found info on another early 80's favorite of mine,"Jon Butcher Axis". Keep us posted and "Stay Alive"!

Kjartan S. Nystad - 01/04/98 12:36:00
My Email:jannysta@online.no
Location: Oslo Norway

Actually, I did like it. Thank you. And a Happy new year to all of you. I hope we get a NEW bc album soon (I have enough collections and livealbums now, thank you). Stay alive.................???

Graeme Montagu - 12/11/97 16:49:57
My Email:compulnk@global.co.za
Location: South Africa

Thanks for the wonderful pages of info regarding the best band in the world - you've kept me rivited for the last 2.5 hours! BC are certainly, one of the most underated by the public at large, especially over here in South Africa. Then again, I suppose rue BC fans revel in the thought at being somewhat unique.

Jim Martinez - 12/05/97 01:29:17
My Email:jimmtz@earthlink.net
Location: Yorba Linda,Cal,USA

Very Nice Site!!Long Live Stuart and The Boys!!!

RikuRassi - 12/04/97 09:39:53
My Email:Tupa12 @linda.fak.fi

Todays Bc stuff is trash! The first 3 albums were great and the rest of them aren't. P.I.O.T had too much keyboards and sounded too weak. Buffalo Skinners was too heavy but, had a few good songs, but the best parts ended on b-sides. W.T.L.F didn't have an thing positive... All the acoustic tracks...???

Joanie Williams - 12/03/97 23:00:07
My Email:joanie@mindspring.com
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Hey Oliver - haven't visited your site in awhile and thought I would pop in again. I LOVE what you've done with the place!! The updates are great, and this definitely seems to be THE place to go for the latest on BC. Keep up the great work! And thanks fo the Tony Butler lyrics. I was going crazy trying to figure some of that stuff out on my own!

Ted Kolman - 11/18/97 23:34:42
My Email:ted.kolman@blockbuster.com
Location: Dallas, TX

Unbelieveable amount of information!!

Tim Amrhein - 10/31/97 19:01:22
My Email:tamrhein@si-net.com
Location: Connersville IN

I had no clue that there were so many BC fan's here in the midwest and other state's. I no longer feel alone in my enjoyment of BC'S music. I appreciate your web page very much!!

Conus Thierry - 10/23/97 12:19:52
My Email:Thierry.CONUS@ehl.ch
Location: Switzerland

I'm a great fan of Big Country Your site is very cool !!! All the best !!! Thierry

Chris Sheldon - 10/16/97 05:01:15
My Email:Shelster99@aol.com
Location: Deerfield Beach, FL-- USA

Man, you really rearranged things here!!! It looks great. Keep up the good work.

Dennis Thielen - 10/09/97 08:51:44
My Email:rhogast@tcgcs.com
Location: Hastings, NE. USA

Fabulous website. I'm most happy to see there are so many others out there that also listen to BC and that they are still going!

Rob Meehan - 10/06/97 22:03:58
My Email:RobM335@aol.com
Location: New Jersey USA

Hello all! Great job on the pages. I've been a BC fan since '83 and they are still one of my favorite bands to listen to both as a listener, or as a musician. Their music has brought alot of happieness to my life, and to me that's what it's all about. As musician they have been a huge influence in my approach to music. Stuart still is a major influece to my guitar playing. He has great melodic ideas. I read in muscian type magazines these days about guitar players writing their parts to fit the song. BC as done this since day one. Anyway, it's great to see so many fans and pages for BC. They are one of the greats. Rob

Patrick Curtis - 10/06/97 20:57:17
My Email:pcurtis@bostech.com
Location: Wakefield, Ma

very cool page! i hope i can be added to the worldwide fan listing. i have visited here frequently and and on the mail list but this is the first time i took time to sign the guestbook. kudos to you !

Klif E - 10/05/97 16:44:20
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/ca/klife
My Email:klif_e@hotmail.com

Nice Page

Shawn P Streeter - 09/26/97 03:38:18
My Email:sstreet@www.wam.umd.edu


jason - 09/22/97 15:12:58
My Email:giltwood@zen.ocean.com.au
Location: Australia

i would just like to say how much a fan i am of bc and that i was devistated when they cancelled there tour hear quite a few years back and hope that one day they decide to do some concerts down under

MistyRain - 09/20/97 16:38:19
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Lagoon/8371/
My Email:autumn2@gte.net
Location: Arkansas

Surf'n the neighborhoods,enjoyed your page!

Paul Rayner - 09/10/97 14:08:07
My Email:BocaBrit@compuserve.com
Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Just an aging Brit rocker looking for BC links; and ANY US tour plans ......?

Neal Bishop - 09/10/97 11:49:27
My Email:NealB@ApexSystems.com
Location: Barnsley, England

Excellent page. Any female fans please email me.

Marion - 09/06/97 17:55:43
Location: England

Keep up the good work. Just signed on for the first time, will be back soon. P.S. I love BC!

Edward Kleiner - 09/02/97 16:53:48
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/8622
My Email:72437.2367@compuserve.com
Location: New Haven CT

Hi I just clicked on your colorful photo which was on the Geoguide on my site & I like it alot. You do have a super country page. I do like it & thats my answer to the I hope you like it. So come on down to my Website tell me the things you like on it & sign my guestbook. Thank You Very Much Sincerely Edward Kleiner

laila zikry - 09/01/97 21:44:55
My Email:bawaki@ritsec2.com.eg
Location: cairo,egypt


Letisha - 08/27/97 01:42:48 GMT
My Email:JoliJour@aol.com


Jordan Walton - 08/24/97 10:29:55 GMT
My Email:jorytim@sprintmail.com
Location: Seattle, WA

Big Country are still one of my favorite bands, just like they were in 83'.

Linda Wolff - 08/16/97 08:08:03 GMT
My URL:under construction again!
My Email:kashmir27@aol.com
Location: Ft. Wayne IN

Thought I'd pop in and check out the new guestbook..pretty cool stuff. been listening to Big Country since 1983..they are great! I think people are missing out by not knowing about them--keep up the good work!

Andy Inkster - 08/13/97 10:31:17 GMT
My Email:agink@netspace.net.au
Location: Melbourne, Australia

As ever, Oliver, a fantastic wealth of information for BC fans worldwide! Any Aussie BC fans e-mail me!

Donna Miller - 08/06/97 00:23:40 GMT
My Email:ggnl79b@prodigy.com
Location: Hickman, KY USA

Oliver, you've done such a fine job dude! I DO like it!

BrtWooster - 07/30/97 05:05:42 GMT
My Email:BrtWooster@aol.com
Location: Ft. Campbell, Ky.

Those Mr. Blank mixes are AWFUL! I can't believe Ian Grant or Stuart approved anything like it.

George Foster Chaparro - 07/29/97 22:34:42 GMT
My Email:Gfoster@correo.dnet.com.pe
Location: Lima Peru

Great job!! BC RULES!

Chris Sheldon - 07/29/97 04:25:28 GMT
My Email:Shelster99@aol.com
Location: Florida- U.S.A.

I love your site. Am also on the discussion list. What is up with the Mr. Blank mixes!?!? The one that I listened to sounded like a bad UB40 remix. Didn't see what it had to do with Stu and the lads. Leave the remixes up to Big Country is what I say!!!!! Thanx for a great site--see you on the list-Chris

Robert Oliver - 07/28/97 11:04:18 GMT
My URL:http://www.mint.net/~roliver/bc-mint.htm
My Email:roliver@mint.net
Location: Bangor, Maine, USA

Nice guestbook....hopefully it will be more reliable than the infamous Lpage ones.

Jeff Patterson - 07/26/97 01:15:08 GMT
My Email:Jeff.Patterson@Boeing.com
Location: Seal Beach, CA

Even better than before! Great job.

Mark Phelan - 07/25/97 14:46:42 GMT
My Email:masurvey@indigo.ie
Location: Naas, Ireland

Great Page!!!! Always up to date. Keep up the good work

Bill Wangerien - 07/25/97 04:12:02 GMT
My Email:billmdee@mindspring.com
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

I'm glad there's a source of BC info like this !!

Brian Lusardi - 07/24/97 23:23:03 GMT
My Email:zoodj@uplogon.com
Location: Iron Mtn. Michigan

Alright, I am a huge Big Country fan and a fan of the skids. I am glad I found (and bookmarked) this site. I have never seen Big Country in concert, but would love to have the opportunity.

Jeremy VanAntwerp - 07/24/97 18:31:25 GMT
My URL:http://brahms.scs.uiuc.edu/~jva
My Email:jva@bach.scs.uiuc.edu
Location: Urbana, IL

"How will someone find me if no one knows I'm lost?" :-)

David Tate - 07/20/97 07:10:15 GMT
My Email:dctate@juno.com
Location: Cincinnati Ohio


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